3-5 day personalized learning Experiences

A hybrid training/coaching program to help Top Notch Executives with essential trust-building soft-skills to be future Adaptable Leaders. 


Must-Have Segments

The following segments are "must-haves" as they establish the foundational framework, concepts, and vocabulary for the Adaptable Leader. All of the Top-Notch segments build on top of the Awesome Manager segments.

1 segment is typically delivered over a half-day.

À La Carte segments

Executive responsibilities vary across organizations, as do particular pain points. Explore the following segments and let us know what you need, and we'll make sure to personalize it perfectly for you.


Need help choosing?

No problem, just contact us and we'll work through it with you to make sure it's just right for your needs.


Now, extend the experience, and drive more action with ShiftUp GO!


APP - Action! - REunion

Post-ShiftUp™ orchestration program to maximize retention and start shifting behaviors.


The App

The App is a fun way to reinforce learning in an engaging way. You will be competing against others in your group in real-time, while the app prompts you to action and recall what you've learned!

Every ShiftUp™ Segment has ShiftUp™Go available.


Measure Engagment

One of the many benefits of the App is that we can understand the level of engagement, but also the level of accuracy in learning retention, down to the individual level. We analyze this data to give you insight on who your "most fabulous" people are.



Targeted prompts for Action, delivered to your inbox. These can range from reminders, to habit prompts, to visual reminders delivered every 2 weeks, typically over a 6-month period. These prompts are personalized based on the Learning Experience undertaken by the individuals.



Periodic in-person or digital reunions at 2-week, 1-month, 2-months, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months intervals. They are designed to create collective accountability between group members who share their experiences and results of practicing ShiftUp™ learnings.


So what makes ShiftUp™ so special?


Designed to be experienced

Even though we know our content is world-class, we also know that 80% of leadership development is about the coach. That's why we baked into our DNA the "ThinqShift Difference."



Fabulous People Guaranteed

Very few people have what it takes to be a "ThinqShifter." The combination of years of real world business experience, passion for developing others, and technical coaching skills go way beyond the professional trainer.

High Energy & No Powerpoint

We get it! Sitting through endless slideware, falling asleep while watching that email count continue to grow is no way to spend your valuable time. We don't use PowerPoint and we'll keep your energy up. We promise.

Intense & Fun

Make no mistake, our ShiftUp™ experiences are intense. They are a big investment of your time and money. We get that. We also know that if it's not fun, you won't be inspired to change your habits.