conductor & crystallizer

 Annie is all about aligning teams and organizations to new directions, breaking through roadblocks, and to helping them define a common vision.

I have a passion for the magic that happens when leaders, teams and organizations are intentional about their own growth. It’s fueled me as a leader, and it brought me to ThinqShift.
— Annie Duguid

career Experience

In 2016, she received “40 Under 40” leadership recognition while an executive at an $8 Billion global technology services company.  Annie’s 15-year career spans Corporate Development, Business Strategy, Marketing and Product Management across several industries.

Beyond work

Annie is a true citizen of the world, often traveling with her husband and their two young children enjoying local cuisine, hiking to take in the natural beauty unique to each place on earth, and putting her fluent Spanish to good use. Oh, and Disney World of course.


The fearless explorer. She meets leaders and teams where they are now, then helps them navigate and discover as they move toward where they need to be.


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