Organizational Architect & Guide

Jonathan lives to help leaders and the organizations they serve solve meaningful problems, impacting their world positively. 

The world needs the best of us, which comes from the alignment of our head, heart and hands. What an extraordinary opportunity for organizations to help people be and bring their best!
— Jonathan McCoy

career Experience

Jonathan is wired to solve big problems and help people live their purpose, measure their good, and maximize their impact. He spent more than a decade at Accenture and Slalom and started a multi-million dollar human capital practice, advising Fortune 100 clients.

Beyond work

With two sets of twins and a high-capacity wife, Jonathan lives in a world of adventure.  While his Southern roots run deep, he enjoys adventuring on his motorcycle anywhere good food, good drink, and good people take him.  


He empathetically cuts to the truth. The magic happens when people align who they are with what they do in whatever environment they are in.


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