Great speakers touch our rational minds, our hearts and our souls. Generous, positive, self-aware and purposeful story-tellers who act as a powerful catalyst to "shock" leaders into action -- to inspire, to innovate and to make an extraordinary impact.


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Dynamic, energizing, challenging, and often cheeky. Vips "speaks" leadership from the C-suite to the coder; from the taskmaster to the therapist; from the hard truths to the heart-warming triumphs.

Selected Keynotes

The Adaptable Leader

The speed of change in the digital era means that adaptability has become paramount to success.  But most of us suck at it!



'Fabulous People' on the journey to being Adaptable Leaders have to master 3 powers.  Content Power, Positional Power and Personal Power. Do you have what it takes?


always bet on youth 

"Millennial this, millennial that".  Sure there are generational tensions, but you know in the end youth lives longer!  Recognize the fabulousness, listen to it and unleash it's power!

Vicki Speaks

Your people won't stay engaged or won't stay period, just because you pay. If you want to architect, attract, develop and retain the fabulous workforce of the future, you should listen to Vicki.

Selected Keynotes

The first 90 days

People assess whether you're the company they really signed up for in the first 90 days. Are you? Better hurry, the clock is ticking!


positively deviant organizations

To the victor goes the spoils. Organizations that embrace "uncommon" mindset and behavior shifts will have top talent salivating and be set up for sustained success. 


are the stars aligned? 

Your future survival hinges largely on the ability to identify, activate and motivate your High Potential talent and Adaptable leaders.

Jonathan Speaks!

Profit is derived from the Latin "profectus" or progress. Jonathan's message, then, won't be a surpise. Focus on personal and professional progress and guess what comes next?

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Selected Keynotes

A fabulous whole

Fabulous individuals don’t always deliver fabulous outcomes. You must connect the highways and byways to make whole greater than the sum of its people. 


success - now what?

Success equal significance. You've made it to VP, so what? Use your experience and positional power to serve others well and find greater significance.


Be to do 

Who you are is not defined by what you do, rather what you do comes out of who you are. You will achieve greater success when you can be your most authentic self.