coach & Transformer

 Miranda is a Transformer, Teacher and Connector.  She sees the full potential of what can be and will eagerly gravitate towards it, bringing others along and connecting the dots and the people!

I majored in Psychology so the mind and why we do what we do fascinates me. Now I get to apply this in practical, positive and impactful ways by coaching people and transforming organizations.
— Miranda Troy

career Experience

Miranda has 15+ years in Leadership and People & Talent across aviation, automotive, digital media, and management consulting. She is that special blend of talent expert, business acumen, advisor, and high empathy coach.

Beyond work

Miranda is a renaissance woman! An avid walker, nature lover and gardener (ish) with a deep appreciation of music. She loves travelling with her husband and two young daughters and is a student of mindfulness meditation.


High EQ with the ability to read the room, without ever ducking the difficult issues - personal or business. 

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