Tony is the mentor you always wish you had - creatively teaching, inspiring with a smile and some New York hustle thrown in for fun.

Say YES, you’ll be amazed at what happens next!
— Tony Vastola

career Experience

Tony has been a sales, operations, and relationship management leader for over 25 years in the Insurance and Restaurant Industries and was proud to serve as both a volunteer and career firefighter, which has given him a unique perspective on leadership.

Beyond work

Born in Buffalo, NY, sharpened his wit in NYC, learned Improv in LA, fought fires in SC, and found a home in Atlanta. Tony has sung the national anthem at an NFL and NHL game and is the father to two furry four- legged sons named Jackson and Benji.


His ability to understand the reality, relish in the absurdity, sprinkle in some laughter, find a creative, compassionate solution, while enjoying the journey. 

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